Celebrate your birthday, anniversary or special occasion aboard different vessels such as kayaks or a paddle board. Turn your celebration into an overflow of joy and adventure. Bring your outdoor spirit and make your celebration a half day full of discoveries and unique experiences.  

Kayaking Party | 2.5 Hours | $475.00 (First 12 Participants) | Ages 5 and Up | Minimum of 12 Participants |

Maximum of 30 Participants | Additional $35.00 for each additional guest |


Become a Nature Scholar at your birthday party and entertain your guests with experiments, dissections, nature crafts, animal encounters, games and much more. Your party will come to our Nature Postings Lab where we will provide fins, fur, feathers, scales, scientific instruments among other things and turn your party into a very fun scientific experience that your guests will never forget.  Come to us and get to know your scientific side!!!

Science Based Party | 3 Hours | $475.00 (First 16 Participants) | Ages 5 and Up | Three Activities |

Maximum of 24 Participants | Additional $30.00 for each additional guest |


Become a part of the NP SQUAD at your birthday party and entertain your guests with an amazing animal encounters that will knock your hooves off! We will provide your party with some of our exotic animals which may include  bearded dragon, hedgehog, snakes, lizards, tortoises, frogs,  baby rats and more party into a very fun scientific experience that your guests will never forget.  Let us bring the wild side to you!!! 

Option 1: Small Animal Party |1.5 Hours | $375.00 | Ages 5 and Up | Small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and arachnids 

Option 2: Exotic Animal Party | 2 Hours | $475.00 | Ages 5 and Up | Includes small animals with the addition of large exotic animals such as monkeys, skunks, birds, etc.

What is Nature Postings?

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