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Celebrate your birthday, anniversary or special occasion aboard different vessels such as kayaks or a paddle board. Turn your celebration into an overflow of joy and adventure. Bring your outdoor spirit and make your celebration a half day full of discoveries and unique experiences.  

Kayaking or Paddleboarding Birthday Party | 2.5 Hours | $1095.00 (MAXIMUM 20 Participants including birthday party person and family) | Ages 5 and Up | Different Locations Available | All adventure gear included. 

Birthday Party Schedule 

15 Minutes:  Meeting Guests and Explain Rules, games and set up with safety gear

1 Hour:  Kayaking Voyage: navigate with your party guests around the waterways and explore flora and fauna

15 minutes:  Break for food (FOOD PROVIDED BY PARTY CONTACT)

1 Hour: Games aboard vessels with balls and water guns 


Nature Scholars Bash

Become a true Nature Scholar at your birthday party and entertain your guests with animal encounter, animal care and microscope explorations. Your party will come to our Nature Postings Lab where we will provide animals and all the equipment needed turn your party into a very fun scientific experience that your guests will never forget.  Come to us and get to know your scientific side!!!

Science and Animal Based Party | 3 Hours | $995.00 (MAXIMUM 16 Participants including birthday party person and adults or family members) | Ages 5 and Up | Three Activities: Animal Encounter, Animal Care and Microscope Exploration 

Birthday Party Schedule

30 Minutes Prior Party:  Party Contact can come to decorate the studio lab

15 Minutes: Meet Guests and explain Lab Rules and Procedures

 1 Hour: Animal Encounter

15 Minutes: Break for food (FOOD PROVIDED BY PARTY HOST)

45 Minutes:  Animal Care Bathing and Health Check Up

30 Minutes: Microscopes Explorations

15 Minutes: Happy Birthday and Cake Time


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