This volunteer program is dedicated to learning and experiencing nature through teaching and interacting with the kids as well as being trained in CPR, first aid, biking safety, water safety and rescue, animal husbandry, kayaking 101, snorkeling 101, environmental interpretation, radio codes, camp rules and regulations, protocols and procedures, and general Nature Postings information. Volunteers will receive two Nature Postings t-shirts and a Nature Postings hat.

Summer Volunteer Program | 2 Day Training | $200.00 per participant | 

Ages 13 to 17 | Includes volunteer training and uniform | Dates TBA




The Animal Care Technician (ACT) Program will train volunteers in the area of animal health, care and maintenance. ACTs must be able to commit to a schedule, where they will feed, water, bathe, and enrich each of our animals. The ACTs will also be required to lead monthly programs that focus on educating individuals in animal care and handling. ACTs will be the ONLY volunteers to handle and care for animals. 

Animal Care Volunteer Program | 1 Day Training | $50.00 per participant | 

 Ages 13 to 17 | Includes volunteer training and uniform | Dates TBA


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